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Proposition 47


Often those who have lost their freedom find their faith in prison. As they are introduced to the gospel messages of love, forgiveness, and redemption, they find solace in scripture and comfort in Christ's companionship. But all too often, they lose it when they come out. They no longer have the support system they had in prison, and instead of finding friendship and forgiveness in their newfound freedom, they find neglect, indifference or, worse, contempt. The Catholic Charities' Success Network (SN) provides a unique opportunity for pastors and the faith community to connect, comfort, and support those wanting to become part of a faith community as they re-enter society.

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Join us as we come together to better understand, respond to, and heal the impact of trauma in our community!

August 4th & 11th, 2021

10am - 12pm 

Register Here, its Free!

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Our goal is to build a Success Network that advocates to:

  • Empower the formerly incarcerated as they transition from custody to healthy community living

  • Build trusting relationships with faith-based organizations, churches, and pastors to improve ministry outreach efforts and outcomes

- Collaborative Courts
- Solano Transportation Authority
- Health & Social Services of Solano County
- Faith-based Communities 
- Northern California Legal Services
- Local Police Departments




  • Evidence-Based Skills  
    Success Network participants receive training and skills to help them comfortably and confidently engage those re-entering their church and community


  • Equitable-Dialogue
    Pastors and parishioners have opportunities to engage in open dialogue with Solano Prop 47 County Service Providers and Courts regarding faith re-integration and fair treatment within the criminal justice system for program participants    

  • No-Cost Certified Training
    Ministry volunteers receive county-sponsored certified crisis training at no-cost to provide positive prosocial events

“Start by doing what’s necessary; then do what’s possible;

and suddenly you are doing the impossible.”

St. Francis of Assisi

Learn more about how Solano County Health and Social Services assists clients through the reentry phase and provides comprehensive services that help to address barriers toward their success in this special 2-year evaluation report.


Please help us continue to serve our neighbors full of hope but facing temporary hurdles. Our staff is trained to compassionately and professionally coordinate and advocate for the services needed by those impacted. This is only made possible by the care and generosity of people like you. 

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